Saturday, July 3, 2010

How to Build Solar Panels Quick Overview

A common question that people wonder might be is it really possible to build solar panels ? Well the answer is yes and that is why many people have already taken that plung into this new way of creating renewable energy for their homes.

People are looking for ways to help reduce their energy costs because it is just another way to budget yearly expenses better and that money can go to better things such as your childrens college eduction.

So just to give a very breif lesson on solar energy and how it is harnessed. there are 2 kinds of solar cell technology. first there are solar cells or premanufactured cells will convert only the sunlight, and there is the photovoltaic kind which will capture the light from other sources too. Once you decide which kind you want to use you can aquire and ensemble the remaining parts from the solar cells suppliers and make the solar panel.

You can build solar panels using common household tools, you do not require anything special so you will not incur any extra costs to buy any fancy equipment. However you will require a good guide becuase without good instructions you will not be successful. There is alot of saftey precations to be aware of and this is where the proper tutorial will help alot.

Some of the things required to build solar panels involve heating copper therefore proper safety measures should be taken. Homemade solar cells are based on the superconducting photovoltaic properties of cuprous oxide, which is different than the silicon-based one's. what you are looking for is a red copper is is formed during the cooling process also a black copper will be present but you must discard of this..

The main reason to build solar panels is to reduce your energy bill and this occurs over time but the cost of buiding them yourself is minimal so there is not a huge investment to recover anyway and not to mention the value of your home will rise. However a great bonus to this is that you will also be helping with our planet by conserving natural resources and helping out our environment.

When you finally decide to Build Solar Panels, please use a guide which provides good instructions and illustriations, this will make a Build Solar Panels project and enjoyable experience.

Ways to Build Solar Panels

Building solar panels is certainly a pretty easy topic because solar cells are modular. They tend to be also very small. Solar cells of which are put to use in residential solar panels is actually about two times the proportions of a bar coaster or approximately 4 times the size of a playing card. People can fit your hands around one very easily.

You start off building solar panels simply by joining these cells in sequence and then joining panels to one another. Then all of which is remaining is to hook up the solar panel array to electric batteries and an inverter to power your home.

Solar cells or photovoltaic cells, as we shall call them here, change solar power into electrical power. Now, you understood that however in order to fully grasp the way building solar panels functions, you have to have to know how the electrical power is made.

Photons of light hit the semiconductor material on the cell's surface area, typically silicon, and in so doing knock an electron loose. Right now there are a couple of kinds of silicon utilized for you to make a cell. They tend to be both combined with various other elements which in turn change their polarity. One sort is negatively charged because it is combined with phosphorous in addition to the other is positively charged simply because it is combined with boron. By adding together layers of silicon with various electrical charges, the incoming photons have got an easier time of loosening up an electron and sending it looking for place to go.

The cells are manufactured so that the electrons could simply go in just one course and also that direction is 'out.' Therefore, every single cell is created to add their exiting electrons to the move of electrons and with enough cells and sufficient solar energy, you have an electric powered current you could work with.

See, building solar panels is undoubtedly not really tough although it is precise. The channels of which digest the electrons in each cell are lined up with every other funnel within their particular group by means of a connecting tab, solder and flux. Once the cells are attached, a surface area layer of glass, plastic or laminate (or a some blend) is actually layed over the top to protect them, all the wetness is removed (to prevent condensation which in turn would get in the way with the panel's efficiency) and the panels are inserted into position and attached.

When you finally decide to Build Solar Panels, please use a guide which provides good instructions and illustriations, this will make a Build Solar Panels project and enjoyable experience.